Unique Identification Advantages

Z-Ray Sensor

The Z-Ray Sensor system uses its unique identification advantages along with its patented ionic elemental and chemical signature identification to provide security professionals with fast, accurate and reliable data without sacrificing or violating an individual’s privacy… upholding the American way of life and liberty.

From the research done by Tolliver technologies INC, the Z-Ray is a state-of-the-art security system. The thoroughness and quickness of identification will make traveling through airports a lot faster as well as more secure. Once implemented, the Z-Ray System will provide a thorough scanning of each individual at one central location, which allows criminals to be found and detained and removed from the flow of airport patrons. With the different technologies that will be used in the new design, the Z-Ray will become a key component in homeland security and safety throughout the world. However, in places that can have large concentrations of people that need protection, such as courthouses, prisons, schools, football, and baseball games.

As we look to implement a total solution for security, the Z-Ray, and its technology become an integral component of that solution. ITMS technology offers the advantage of detecting a wider range of substances in more flexible detector design. Therefore, it is ideal for practical applications such as checkpoint security, personnel, shipside, sea craft, packages, luggage, or cargo. This unit can be used throughout the nation.



Department of Homeland Security


Transportation Security Administration


Central Intelligence Agency


National Security Agency