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Tolliver Technologies, LLC

Tolliver Technologies, LLC develops technological devices composed of integrated software capable of detecting illegal chemical compounds. Designed to cater specifically to law enforcement officials, our devices provide non-invasive protection of an individual while also providing real time analysis consistent with law enforcement priorities and functions.

Built based on the ideas and principles of personal experiences, our engineers and manufacturers produced our unique products using dual application processes capable of collecting data and finally translating the analysis into a compatible language to relay the results. With the addition of armed services experience received by our CEO, Tolliver Technologies, LLC adheres to the necessity of the protection of law enforcement officials and makes it a number one priority to provide a resolution.


- We Are One
Our approach toward maintaining organizational success, is supported through feedback and open communication from our customers, business leaders, and employees.
- Why We Do It
As a unit, we are able to encourage the vision of protecting with value and integrity and can ensure strength and growth as a nation.


To find a compromising solution integrating legal and ethical principles dedicated to protecting the safety and privacy of every individual.



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